We exist because of our customers. This is the one and only reason.
In this overcrowded IoT & Industry 4.0 platforms market, MIIIMETIQ found its objective delivering a unique value proposition to those customers who appreciate clear aspects, such as:


Data control, ownership and privacy are critical for our customers. They can’t / don’t want to take the risk that represents someone else acquires, storage, access their critical data due to security issues, Intellectual/Industrial property protection issues, legal compliance issues, and so forth…



A part of our customer’s competitive advantage is based on software products being truly adapted to their needs.  The opposite of what has happened historically. 

Customers want to define their solution roadmap based on their actual needs, even if they are the only ones in the world which actually need that specific functionality. 

If customers need it, they want it right away and can’t wait if the software vendor will deploy it in the next software release. 

It is even possible to re-sell their solution under their brand if they want to do so.



Our customers want to choose the IT infrastructure that reflects their needs based on data management in a better way. They choose what to keep on the sensor (edge), what to keep on-premise, on their data center, what to analyse on a service given by a cloud supplier or what data to be stored on a public or private cloud. Customers can do it all at once or evolve as their solution progress (start on premise and migrate to cloud anytime or change the cloud provider anytime). Pure ownership of IT infrastructure deployment design.



Our customers know the solution they are building now will evolve as far as their data crossing needs among systems will evolve. Their needs of adding new analytics will happen as well. As deeper as its systems integration will happen too. They know this is a trip and they selected a partner that will allow them to evolve endlessly. What is supposed to be “hot now” in technology for the majority (microservices, containers, noSQL DB, protocols translation of any kind…) we have already mastered it since 2014. Our solutions are unlimited by nature. By conviction.



Nothing makes our customers happier than knowing exactly how the cost of owning MIIMETIQ will sharply evolve with them.
Surprises are the most hated events on business. Avoid them with the simplest cost of ownership you have ever seen.



Since 2012 exclusively dedicated to IoT and Industry 4.0, More than 150 solutions created, Million of assets managed and a super-specialised team makes us the perfect technology partner for our customers for their data-driven trip.
We give support to our customers and share our experience, know-how, keeping secret what our customers want to keep under NDAs, sharing the expertise we build thanks to many challenges solved. We understand that our main value is keeping our customers ahead of competitors precisely by protecting their data-driven strategies and solutions.



In NEXIONA we share with our customers many things we learned as well as concepts and ideas we have created based on our unlimited experience facing challenges of all kind and sizes. Some of them can be shared with everyone who wants to be part of the NEXIONA family:

  • DIGITIZATION versus INDUSTRY 4.0: Learn the differences among those two buzzwords majority gets confused with.
  • “STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN” OF DATA-DRIVEN SERVICES FOR A PRODUCT MANUFACTURER: Learn the 6 steps your digital services can be created for your products. From simple Remote Monitoring to complete Servitization of your products including Predictive solutions.
  • INDUSTRY 4.0 MATURITY INDEX FROM ACATECH: Learn from the co-creator of the Industry 4.0 concept (Acatech) the real trip to achieve operational excellence in Industry 4.0. Far away from “another definition of Industry 4.0” white paper.