Industrial grade remote maintenance


POWERGLASSES is an Out-of-the Box IoT solution for supporting field engineers.

Video and Audio, from the Field Engineer’s Smart Glasses view, is streamed in real-time to an online browser which can be viewed from any network connected device.

Our POWERGLASSES solution works with most of the Vuzix (smart glasses manufacturer) product portfolio as well as with any Android cellphone. We are happy to work with you to adapt solutions to your requirements; for example, to adapt solutions to your requirementscan also think together with you about several additional options. For example, it is possible to implement a self-test for checking the internet connection and automatically reduce automatically the video resolution in situations cases where the bandwidth is not sufficient big enough. The possibilities are limitless.

POWERGLASSES can also be made available understood as an additional module of a IoT Solution based on MIIMETIQ®, where both the technician’s works and equipment data are tracked at the same time. POWERGLASSES is built on MIIMETIQ® technology, optimized to support Intel Architecture; X86.


Android based agent, compatible with a choice
of Smart Glasses, mobiles and tablets.


Integrates with Service Management


Real time video, audio, data
and texts.


Display machine, device and sensor metrics
on glasses screen.


Simple VPN setup and configuration using
QR code scan.


Use MIFI to enhance performance.


  • Video and Audio, from the Field Engineer’s POWERGLASSES view, is streamed in real-time to an online browser which can be viewed from any network connected device.
  • Through the browser, experts back at base have direct visual and audio interaction with the remote engineer to offer advice and make information available via the visual display of the POWERGLASSES.
  • Additionally, the remote engineer is able to access online data and view it in the glasses display.
  • Hands free viewing of context sensitive data combined with an overall view of the onsite situation allows the onsite engineer to be more productive and efficient.
  • The effect of changes and adjustments made onsite can immediately be seen and recorded back at base and on the Smart Glasses visual display.

For more information about POWERGLASSES, please contact us!