Benefits for System Integrators

Zero programming required to build customized applications

Allows simple and quick setup of IoT proof of concepts, pilot runs and final solutions for end customers. You can intuitively add new devices, define new visualizations and reports, create simple or complex rules and alarms; remove all the barriers and get on with building your IoT project.

Includes a very powerful flow programming system (Flexible DS) to allow simple integration with almost any type of device protocol

Nothing compares to this easy to understand and easy to use method for connecting to real devices and quickly extracting and displaying data; this is possibly the most powerful aspect of MIIMETIQ® LITE and useable by almost anyone, minimal programming knowledge required.

Multi-tenant allows several projects to be managed at the same time

By installing MIIMETIQ® LITE anywhere (on-premise or in any cloud service), you can handle many different projects for different customers.

Rules and Actions to respond to pre-defined alarm conditions

Easily create simple, or complex, rules to trigger actions to activate devices, control other systems, generate alarms and send notifications.

Ideal for small to medium size projects and Pilot Runs

Based on MIIMETIQ® IoT COMPOSER, with a streamlined feature set but proven reliability and immense capacity to integrate with sensors and devices inherited from its big brother.

Unbeatable price!

Pricing for MIIMETIQ® LITE is easy to understand and very attractive; perfectly suited to IoT, you will be amazed! Please ask for further information.

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