Benefits for System Integrators

Save time, no need to re-invent the wheel

NEXIONA has extensive experience in building and deploying IIot solutions. We created MIIMETIQ® Agent with full knowledge of the challenges faced by System Integrators when building these systems – use our knowledge and experience to your advantage.

Deploy quickly, at scale

Systems with 1 to thousands of Gateways can be quickly designed and deployed. Overall control can be achieved where software updates, changes to Rules and Actions and business logic can be remotely applied across the whole estate.

Integrate with practically anything!

MIIMETIQ® AGENT can extract IoT data using almost any communication protocol. – if it’s not already supported, it’s usually very easy and quick to add a new one. The same applies to business systems, the tools in Agent allow IoT data to be quickly shared, in either direction.

Flexible design for local or edge based systems.

MIIMETIQ® AGENT is designed to run ‘on the box’ providing localized monitoring and control or in conjunction with Cloud platforms such as IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure or AWS. Flexible rules can be set up to detect conditions when data should be sent to the Cloud and, as a result, automatically deliver the relevant data – ideal for predictive maintenance situations.

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