Private platform experts for digital transformation

NEXIONA is a leading solutions company for digital transformation, expert in private platforms that connect, integrate and analyze data, to improve the management, efficiency and security of companies. In the 21st century, data control and ownership is crucial. It is one of the main reasons why NEXIONA is in a unique market space versus all other IoT Platforms as a Service (PaaS): the Private Data Platform space.

NEXIONA was founded in 2012 in Barcelona, as a native IoT company with a clear mission to guide organizations in their digital transformation, creating a more competitive digitized and connected business model.

With more than 150 IoT projects successfully delivered, NEXIONA has saved customers and its partners millions of Dollars while optimizing operations and delivering on promises. The projects reach various industry segments, and this growing worldwide demand has led NEXIONA to open commercial offices in Canada, Germany and the United States since 2019.