NEXIONA joins the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance

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NEXIONA joins the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance

Yesterday was all about Intel! NEXIONA proudly became a member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, one of the world’s most recognized and trusted technology ecosystems. And, I attended a very pleasant Executive Networking Dinner at One Aldwych, London organised by Intel.

During the event, we heard a few words from Intel’s Security Officer, EMEA – Richard Curran. As you would expect, Richard made many insightful observations about IoT Security and, with NEXIONA’s increasing presence in Industry 4.0, his point about ‘the next big threat’ being to industry where hackers might introduce small, undetected, defects during the manufacturing process which later make it out into the market and could be devastating to a company’s reputation and wallet, really resonated with me.

Being so closely involved with many companies in industrial manufacturing and production, NEXIONA not only makes sure our software tools are as robust and secure as possible, but we also give our customers a very important choice – host your IoT platform where you choose.

The clue is in our slogan: BUILD YOUR PLATFORM, OWN YOUR DATA.

For us it’s critical to not only give our customers full control of the capabilities they build into their IoT platform but also to give them complete freedom as to where their platform is hosted, having this choice is critical when it comes to the serious business of securing business processes and resulting products.

Anyway, sorry to go on! Just to say thanks to Intel for last night, it was a great event – we are really looking forward to working closely with the team and the other partners in the Intel IoT Solutions Alliance.

Jeff Stewart
Director Global Product Management