Customer ExperienceMIIMETIQ® helps Loire Gestamp detect and correct inconsistent functional patterns that might adversely affect their production process

2 February, 2018

We would like to share an article from our client IThinkUPC, in which they discuss their experiences with our MIIMETIQ® software. Here we go!

The Challenge

Loire Gestamp, a major global manufacturer of hydraulic presses in the Automotive Industry, wanted to analyze the functionality of their auxiliary pumps in order to detect and identify inconsistent patterns that might negatively affect efficiency in their hot stamping facilities and lead to issues in production quality and unplanned stoppages. Their ultimate objective was to detect and identify these inconsistencies in order to implement an effective strategy for predictive maintenance.

The Project

The project focused on achieving the following three objectives:

Detect inconsistencies in the auxiliary pump functionality
Identify the probable cause of each inconsistency
Create an application for the automatic analysis -cycle by cycle- of the presses during operation, using an IIoT platform (Industrial Internet of Things)

The supervision and diagnosis system we have developed, in cooperation with an investigation group from the UPC MCIA Research Center (Motion Control & Industrial Applications), is based on a variety of analysis procedures, accessible at the machine. These procedures are supported by advanced signal processing techniques and artificial intelligence. The designed procedures allow us to characterize the pump’s current operational status and to detect and identify failure patterns identified during the pump’s operation over time.

For the final implementation, to capture data from the presses and for the advanced analytical techniques deployment, we have used MIIMETIQ® IoT Composer from NEXIONA. MIIMETIQ® provides the following parts of the solution:

Capturing data from the presses
Data quality audit operations; segmentation and filtering to generate the datasets that feed the diagnostic algorithms
Implementation of the advanced analytical and artificial intelligence algorithms used in the project
The creation of an application to visualize the final results, named STELA; this synthesizes data from 30 points taken from the presses with sampling frequencies of 100ms. The display consists of very simple and easy to interpret graphics for plant operators and a more comprehensive data display allowing plant engineers to further analyze the data.

The Outcome

In summary, the most significant benefits of this project provided to Loire Gestamp are:

Loire Gestamp now has a tool which allows them to automatically analyze and administer hundreds of thousands of production cyclesand quickly identify inconsistent cycles in order to quickly find root causes to production issues.
The STELA application, developed using NEXIONA’s MIIMETIQ® platform, allows press machine operators, plant supervisors, press preparation teams, and plant engineers to rapidly detect anomalies in the operation of the press which fall outside the manufacturers reference guidelines. It also allows the visualization of results in a simple to use interface, tailored to the plant operator, and a more detailed view for the plant engineer or data scientist.
Loire Gestamp is able to act in advance of issues identified in its auxiliary pumps which might cause inconsistent operation.

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