MIIMETIQ® LITE, making connecting things simple!


MIIMETIQ® LITE, making connecting things simple!


We began by developing MIIMETIQ®, our IoT Composer which is our most powerful Application Enablement Platform (AEP). Following on from this we identified the need to offer a smaller very dependable IoT Solution: MIIMETIQ® LITE, the Lightweight Platform for Small and Medium size Projects.

What does MIIMETIQ LITE do for you?

MIIMETIQ® LITE is an application based on MIIMETIQ® IoT Composer technology with a pre-defined, but customizable, user interface that allows you to connect devices easily and manage their data. It can also be thought of as a data visualizer with the ability to connect to any type of device using any type of protocol.

But what makes MIIMETIQ® LITE special?

That it includes a powerful tool called Flexible DS for adding almost any type of protocol easily through flow programming.

Working with MIIMETIQ® LITE everything is visual and intuitive, most things can be achieved without the need for programming, only where specific integrations or further complex business logic are needed is a level of flow programming required using Flexible DS. This is particularly important for companies in the OT World (Operational Technologies) where their employees skills are different to those of developers. That is why we are able to claim that MIIMETIQ® LITE is the easiest way to leap into the IoT World, by bridging the gap between IT and OT.

Ok, going deeper, let’s talk about the key screen choices in MIIMETIQ® LITE:

  • Dashboard: Create a customizable visual summary of the data coming from your devices, now and over time.
  • Model Manager: In this area you define the Parameters in order to track them or actuate them.
  • Devices: This is the place for setting up your devices with the parameters defined in the Model Manager. Adding new devices is as simple as copying existing ones.
  • Rules and Actions: Simple way to setup your alarms, events and notifications. It follows the concept “when this happens – do that” and there are many predefined operators to set complex rules.
  • Reports: define as many views and versions of your data as required by drag & dropping widgets for graphs, tables, etc.
  • Flexible DS: This is the flow programming section where a variety of protocols such as http, mqtt, amqp, tcp, udp, etc. are defined and the place where you can replicate an existing device and parse it in order to extract the relevant data.

MIIMETIQ® LITE is an entry level IoT Solution, perfectly suited to PoC (Proof of Concept) and pilot runs and ideal for small projects. If you want more information, start by connecting with us! info@nexiona.com or follow us on twitter: @connectocracy