How does MIIMETIQ® EDGE work?


How does MIIMETIQ® EDGE work?

MIIMETIQ® EDGE opens a world of possibilities to get in IoT world, but one of the best things to know is how it works. Simple and logical process give you wide possibilities. Usually IoT platforms are in the Cloud but this is not the only possibility and this is a product that allows you to have other possibilities. Thanks to Dell® hardware and MIIMETIQ® LITE integration on top of that hardware we have a bundle called MIIMETIQ® EDGE. This is everything that you need to start learning about the world of sensoring and telecontrol.

Creating your IoT solution with MIIMETIQ® EDGE is very easy, assuming you have a clear picture of what sensors you need and signals to get on your solution. The first thing to do is using the web user interface define your solution devices following an intuitive process. Just add name of the device and which sensors or actuators are connected to each device. Automatically historical information will be stored in the system database and a default dashboard will show you real-time data received.

Secondly, send data from your devices to MIIMETIQ® EDGE it could be done using the APIs or thanks to a service called FlexibleDS. FlexibleDS is a flow programming environment, program dragging and dropping functional blocs, with which you can program MIIMETIQ® EDGE ports or manipulate and adapt any data received to the system. Protocol adaptation and payload modification are common practices that you can arrange fast and easy thanks to that visual programming environment. Just a pair of examples of that, you can create a flow that control industrial sensors using ModBUS devices connected to RS485 ports; or receive data from a wi-fi weather station using HTTP and everything just configuring your flow in FlexibleDS.

Now you have your environment defined and you receive data, of course actuation commands are supported and available at this point. Next step is define your automation rules, you can create your own rules and when they are reached you can alarm someone, or actuate changing something in any device of your environment. For example, you can turn on a diesel generator when the electrical power fails and send a mobile message to alert of that issue.

Customized reports and different dashboard can also be created using the web interface of the system. Main difference between them is the time range of application. It allows convert any report in a dashboard with just a click. Of course historical data can be exported to your Excel or get the reports in PDF to be shared via email with your workmates.

More advanced users can also connect MIIMETIQ® EDGE with the IT, or OT, systems and share data between them. Of course, Internet services like weather data or others can be integrated as part of the MIIMETIQ® EDGE data. Usually CRM or ERP have to be notified when some sensoring data is processed and analyzed. In near future MIIMETIQ® EDGE will share its full APIs to allow direct data exchange, not only for sensors, also for more complex systems.

MIIMETIQ® EDGE hardware is exceptional not only because of its computational power; Dell Edge Gateway enables professional field bus connections using industrial protocols like CANbus or ModBus, and legacy industrial ports like: RS232, RS485 or RS422. Everything combined with modern technologies for wireless network sensors like 802.11 (WiFi), 802.15.1 (Bluetooth) and 802.15.4 (zigbee) – Tech specs may vary by country -. Of course, Ethernet connectivity and 4G are available to connect with IP networks and get Internet services if they are required. Thanks to that magical combination, complicated operational technology (OT) environments which takes care to manage physical devices can be connected to a rugged system and automate those environments using a simple web interface. No PLCs, SCADAs or other expensive and complicated system will be required thanks to MIIMETIQ® EDGE. If this is not enough information technology (IT) world is also at your command, send your sensors data or analytics results to your datacenter servers or allow office people to review OT reports directly.

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