MIIMETIQ® EDGE, our All in One IoT Solution for small and mid size projects!


MIIMETIQ® EDGE, our All in One IoT Solution for small and mid size projects!

The IoT market offers new opportunities for collaboration

DELL® aims to be a leader in the IoT market as it sets about changing and improving the industrial landscape. DELL® has already launched a number of products to lead this change, a key one is the Edge Gateway 5000. At NEXIONA® we are engaged in identifying the best technological solutions to deliver the best IoT solutions, that’s why we agreed, with DELL® a global IT manufacturer, to create MIIMETIQ EDGE, supported by Tech Data who will be the official distributor of this bundle in Europe and the Americas.

As Mike Krell from Moor Insights and Strategy said in Forbes Magazine On Oct 15th Mike gave his insight into the DELL business strategy and the phenomenon of Edge computing: “Edge analytics are critical to the IoT. They not only move decision making to the edge, providing real-time actions, but they also help manage the networking problem by deciding what data to move past the edge, and what can “stay at home”, relieving network bandwidth issues”

But what is MIIMETIQ EDGE?

MIIMETIQ EDGE is the All-in-One IoT Solution for small and mid size projects developed by NEXIONA® using the the DELL Edge Gateway 5000 in conjunction with the MIIMETIQ LITE, our lightweight IoT Platform.

  • MIIMETIQ EDGE puts the enabler, or gateway, the server and the software application for visualizing data all together in the same physical appliance.
  • MIIMETIQ EDGE is a perfect example of fog computing (DELL® calls it Edge computing) and takes full advantage of all the benefits on offer such as non reliance on a constant internet connection, thinner broadband speeds, etc…
  • MIIMETIQ EDGE allows a distributed approach detecting and responding to local events at the edge as they happen, acting directly on streaming data, while simultaneously integrating additional data sources and computing capabilities in the cloud.
  • Proactive and predictive maintenance on a factory production line, along with some local analytics capability, is a typical situation that can benefit from MIIMETIQ EDGE.

How does it work?

The DELL Edge gateway 5000  offers cost-effective security and manageability tools required by IT professionals and combines them with unique operational technology features.Due to a large number of already supported connectivity standards, a wide range of sensors can be connected directly to the gateway. Some of the principal technologies available to connect sensors are: CANbus, ZigBee, RS485, LTE, Wi-Fi, etc.

In addition, you can create your On-Premise IoT solution or connect MIIMETIQ EDGE to the cloud for additional storage or computing capabilities. You only need a web browser on the same network as the Dell Gateway.

To take a full analysis about MIIMETIQ® EDGE please visit: www.miimetiqedge.com

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