MIIMETIQ AGENT; a major enabler in three huge IoT growth areas


MIIMETIQ AGENT; a major enabler in three huge IoT growth areas

We’ve packed all our experience, of building and deploying IoT solutions, into a very small footprint, high power firmware package that gives huge capability to even the lowest spec Gateways.

MIIMETIQ® AGENT, is THE enabler for some of the hottest growth opportunities in the Internet of Things

  1. There are thousands of industrial installations using machines and localised process control software which were not designed for today’s data centric world. MIIMETIQ® AGENT has everything needed for connecting to, and gathering data from, these legacy systems and using it for improved monitoring and control, predictive maintenance and deeper integration with business software applications.

MIIMETIQ® AGENT bridges the gap between OT and IT

  1. Connecting millions of low cost devices over low-cost networks requires low cost Gateways with a high level of connectivity and flexibility.

MIIMETIQ® AGENT helps deliver the promise of Sigfox, LoRaWan and NB-IoT

  1. Well-designed infrastructures which balance the use of EDGE Gateways to filter and control the flow of data to the Cloud require serious processing capability in these EDGE Gateways.

MIIMETIQ® AGENT is moving intelligence to the EDGE

If you want to take full advantage of any of the above opportunities, find out how MIIMETIQ® AGENT can help.