Accenture and NEXIONA showcase IoT embedded platform for high security environments

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Accenture and NEXIONA showcase IoT embedded platform for high security environments

Accenture, the world leading consulting company, and NEXIONA, the leading software manufacturer for building private IoT Platforms, are showcasing, in the Accenture Innovation Center for Mobility showroom in Barcelona, a solution to demonstrate how to integrate, in a highly secure environment, an embedded IoT platform into a gateway, transforming EDGE computing into a complete IoT solution.

NEXIONA created MIIMETIQ® EDGE, a combination of the Dell 5000 Gateway and a complete IoT Platform, MIIMETIQ® LITE. The result is MIIMETIQ® EDGE. This solution allows users to have a complete “IoT in a box” (server, gateway and embedded IoT platform). This combination allows customers to manage IoT Solutions without the need to connect the gateway to the public Internet or to the Cloud. This unique architecture offers complete isolation of the platform, critical in environments where customers prioritise data security and isolation but require a Monitoring and Control solution based on IP protocols to create Proof of Concepts very quickly  comprising alarms, local control of devices and equipment and visualization in easy to build dashboards with relevant statistics.

Accenture has tested the solution in their Innovation Center and has collaborated with NEXIONA to showcase this unique proposition for customers who require an IoT solution without the need to connect their devices and associed data to the cloud.

“We were interested on finding a solution for those customers who were asking us for an IoT solution that was not Cloud based. Most of the proposals you find in the IoT space are Cloud oriented. Finding a proposal that was complete and embedded provides the perfect solution solution for many of our customers” says Eusebio Cabral, Lead of Accenture Mobility Innovation Center in Barcelona.

“The idea of showcasing MIIMETIQ® EDGE where we can bring interested customers to a large and reputable company like Accenture was an immediate let’s do it! for us. Accenture appreciates our technology and we feel very comfortable in taking customers to their innovation Center to experience the IoT in a Box as well as seeing Accenture’s powerful offering in the IoT space. Definitely a great opportunity for customers to test an alternative, which is not necessarily Cloud based” says Jaume Rey, CEO of NEXIONA. “Our product MIIMETIQ®, can be deployed anywhere, in the Cloud or On-Premise, allowing solutions to be deployed solely on MIIMETIQ® EDGE or on the customers choice of cloud supplier. Our message is clear: you own your platform: install it where you choose: embedded on a Gateway, On-Premise. Cloud or Hybrid”.

Accenture’s Mobility Innovation Center is based in the very famous Building “La Rotonda” in Barcelona (Passeig Sant Gervasi, 51-53, Barcelona).