MIIMETIQ® is a software package product to develop your PRIVATE IoT Solution or IoT Platform

MIIMETIQ® gives you four radical and exclusive benefits

Connect to any device. For real

Freely add as many new protocols as you require, even private ones

Truly vendor independent

On-cloud, on-premise, edge or hybrid. Migrate from one to another at any time (even from cloud to cloud supplier)

Own the Intellectual Property (IP) of what you create

Re-license it, resell it, enjoy it! You own it, you choose it

Full freedom of data modeling

Define your assets. Associate devices to it. All device’s data remains in the asset

Combine these powerful advantages and…


MIIMETIQ® harmonises all your data sources, even data locked within legacy machines!

Adapt the Dashboards to your Exact Needs


How does MIIMETIQ® work?

MIIMETIQ® has a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that allows you high levels of scalability and management.

It coordinates the process of information exchange between assets (devices, objects and others sources of info) and services (assets management, etc.) through AMQP message broker and a distribution system. It stores the data in the most suitable database as a background process. And you visualise everything in a graphic user interface (our control panel or through your own solution).


Leave the obtained data in the suitable database. For the definitions of objects and administrative tasks, MongoDB; for data temporal series, Graphite or InfluxDB; and for keeping data logs, Elastic.

Distribution System

Use the Distribution System to connect and control all your devices (with an IoT layer, you can access even to the locked data of your legacy machines) and assets (if the required protocol is not in our library, just add it!).

AMQP Message Broker

Set up and manage the services (Assets, ID, License, Alarms & Events, Dashboards and Reports) that you need; AMQP message broker will do that these services work in a independent way, without interferences between them.


IoT Products

The Software product to build your PRIVATE IoT Platform.

Industrialise your Proof of Concepts (POC) and Pilots. Fast & Simple. Show POC results in hours, not in days!

A complete IoT Platform on a Gateway. A powerful appliance that does not require any Cloud to offer full power of an IoT solution.


Our Industrial vehicles tracking solution. Expand your Visibility (Tracking and Monitoring) through CAN bus data. Plug & Play.


End to End Engineering Services

We know everything you will require to make your project successful. Hardware, Firmware, Edge, Telecom, Cloud infrastructure, Containers, analytics, Cybersecurity, everything… Because an IoT project is not easy if you do not control all the required technologies.

IoT Project Architecture Services

We support our certified System Integrators and Developing Companies to complete the project architecture on the area they require (hardware and firmware for the IT integrators and Cloud, cybersecurity, analytics for Operation Technologies Integrators). We back them up to make your project a success.

Software and Firware Development

Some of our customers require a very specific project development and they rely on our development team to help them to solve some of the challenges (firmware for specific hardware needs or Software for the complete project). Also some of our certified System Integrators contract our development team to fulfil their developer’s needs.

Hardware Consultancy

We will help you to choose the right hardware among the over-crowded IoT hardware manufacturers landscape. But we can also design an Ad-Hoc hardware for your project and find you the right supplier for your deployment.

Telecom Consultancy

We are experts in defining the right Technology that applies to your project. Because every project has the “right telecom Technology choice”. If data do not get out of “the thing”, the rest is useless.


MIIMETIQ® is a powerful tool. A Certification is required to use it and take the best of that super-powerful “software product”. It means 3 days training for developers. Our senior developers share their experience and a real hands-on certification to secure your people will make the best out of MIIMETIQ®.

ISO 27001

NEXIONA has voluntarily adopted the ISO 27001 standard which ensures that the required security measures and management procedures are in place as the result of the effective implementation of our Information Security Policy. Learn more >


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