MIIMETIQ® IoT Solutions in Retail

Delight your customers by presenting the right products quickly and efficiently – intelligent retail from supply to Point of Sale and back again!

MIIMETIQ® integrates all elements of the retail channel allowing intelligent use of product and customer information to improve operational efficiency, increase revenue opportunities and invigorate the customer experience.


Highly customisable static and mobile User Interfaces to suit your retail environment


Smart inventory management linked to the supply chain for improved stock control and efficiency


Interaction with Digital Signage to maximise customer engagement


Manage consumables to ensure everything is ‘topped up’ and available to the customer


Connect any type of device to monitor, and adapt to, real-time usage of store facilities and customer traffic flow

Instore data

Capture, store and analyze a wide range of instore data, customer demographics and external information to fine tune your product portfolio and customer buying experience


Use in-store product and customer data to inform business decisions and optimise operational processes

Security systems

Link sensor and device information with security systems for real time protection and to maintain a record of in store activity

Ok let’s go deeper, take a look at MIIMETIQ® credentials for Retail


  • MIIMETIQ® integrates with a wide range of sensors and devices.
  • MIIMETIQ® allows for seamless integration with any type of existing or new business system – CMS, Billing, EPOS, Stock Management, Reward systems.

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