Benefits for System Integrators

Zero programming required to build customized applications.

Allows simple and quick setup of IoT proof of concepts, pilot runs and final solutions for end customers. You can intuitively add new devices, define new visualizations and reports, create simple or complex rules and alarms and remove all the knowledge barriers to starting your IoT project.

Extremely attractive price!

Without doubt this is one of the most compelling aspects of MIIMETIQ® EDGE. Please ask your Tech Data representative for more information or visit your local Tech Data website. You will be amazed!!!

Same ease of use as MIIMETIQ® LITE for connecting legacy devices.

The Flexible DS module is available here too, making MIIMETIQ® EDGE an extremely powerful solution for connecting devices, machines or sensors with different protocols through the use of flow programming. We have yet to find anything on the market, in this price range, that competes for connecting real world devices to application software.

Suitable for situations where internet connection cannot be lost (Fog assisted Cloud computing).

This is one of the biggest advantages of moving computing capability closer to devices and machines! You can make decisions at the Edge (Near to the devices) and reduce the amount of data to be transferred, thereby lowering communication costs.

Use with Third Party Cloud Services such as Microsoft Azure or IBM Softlayer for additional storage or computing capabilities.

Fog computing ensures scalability for solutions built using MIIMETIQ® EDGE, enabling easy and reliable connection to any cloud service. Power BI from Microsoft or Watson IoT can be fed by the MIIMETIQ® EDGE Data.

Rock Solid and proven IoT reliability.

Combines the robustness and well known reliability of DELL hardware with the proven IoT track record of MIIMETIQ®.

Discover more at www.miimetiqedge.com

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