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NEXIONA to showcase MIIMETIQ EDGE with Watson IoT Platform at CeBIT 2017


NEXIONA to showcase MIIMETIQ EDGE with Watson IoT Platform at CeBIT 2017

NEXIONA will be present at CeBIT 2017 on the IBM booth (Hall 2, demo point 134), where it will be showcasing MIIMETIQ EDGE, an Internet of Things solution built together with Dell and closely integrated with IBM’s Watson IoT Platform to allow actions and simple analytics to be performed close to the devices, prior to data being forwarded to Watson IoT for further analysis and integration with business systems.

NEXIONA will be present at CeBIT 2017 on the IBM booth to showcase MIIMETIQ EDGE, a key building block in IoT solutions where filtering the flow of information back to the data centre is important and immediate local response to data from devices is critical. Members of both the Tech Data and NEXIONA teams will show how MIIMETIQ EDGE provides the ideal first step in collecting and processing data prior to presenting only the information required for further analysis to IBM’s Watson IoT Platform. MIIMETIQ EDGE is now available to Tech Data channel partners globally.

Tech Data, one of the world’s largest distributors of technology products, services, and solutions, announced its new Smart Solutions IoT practice in July 2016. The company has been taking firm steps to make IoT simple for system integrators by offering aggregated IoT solutions and providing a defined route to the rapidly expanding IoT market.

Dell has recently worked with NEXIONA to create MIIMETIQ EDGE which uses NEXIONA’s MIIMETIQ software pre-installed on the Dell Edge Gateway 5000. This robust and powerful combination sits near the devices in distributed IoT networks and ensures that only meaningful data is sent to the cloud or data centre.

‘We are delighted to work with NEXIONA, their software takes full advantage of the powerful processing and connectivity possibilities of the Dell Gateway 5000 and offers a simple, and cost effective, way to minimize network costs while aggregating and securing IoT data at the edge of the network, performing local analytics and real-time actions prior to sending only the required data over the wider network’ Marc Flanagan, EMEA Director – IoT & Embedded at Dell.

NEXIONA is a software manufacturer based in Barcelona (Spain) with an office in Oxford (UK). NEXIONA creates software tools for system integrators to connect, compose, control and integrate any type of hardware and software to build private IoT platforms (deployed on cloud or on premise).

MIIMETIQ EDGE has everything necessary for an IoT Proof of Concept or a small IoT project, extracting data from any device, displaying in dashboards and, critically, the ability to apply a level of analysis to apply local Rules & Actions and filter data before it flows into the Watson IoT Platform for further treatment.

“Dell’s ‘Edge Gateway’ range offers not just the robustness and reliability we’ve come to expect from Dell but a level of performance and connectivity which goes much further than other IoT Gateways. NEXIONA’s collaboration with Dell has allowed us to offer an IoT EDGE solution which we are confident has greater capability and flexibility than anything available on the market. And, by creating a seamless workflow with the IBM Watson IoT Platform, our System Integrators are able to start small and scale to Enterprise level comfortably.” Jeff Stewart, Director Global Product Management, NEXIONA.

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