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MIIMETIQ EDGE: Industrial IoT “All-in-One”


MIIMETIQ EDGE: Industrial IoT “All-in-One”

Two weeks ago, Dell, Tech Data and NEXIONA launched at global scale the first all-in-one Industrial IoT appliance. A server, a gateway and an IoT platform built-in all together (no need to connect to Cloud, as it has all platform functionalities already inside (devices definition and control, alarms definition and control, device control, dash-boards, any-protocol translation, rules and reports, etc.)).

It is a big step ahead into the real EDGE or FOG computing, giving all the power required to manage your devices or equipment without anythihg else required, at local level (on the Edge, On-Premise). Obviously if you need it, you can feed an external infrastructure (public cloud or private) to extend functionalities (as additional insights through business intelligence), but this is an option, not mandatory. A real Edge Computing complete solution for Industrial IoT solutions. Check more in nexiona.com/miimetiq-edge

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